Objectives Phase 1 (Oct 2016 – Sep 2018)

The first phase of the WMO/SPARC/IO3C sponsored LOTUS activity (2016–2018) was committed to updating and refining stratospheric ozone trend analyses in time for the 2018 WMO/UNEP Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion. Due to time constraints, we focused on the evaluation of global ozone trends from the most recent versions of merged satellite data sets, using a specially designed LOTUS trend model, and comparison of these results to trends from ground-based records and simulations from the CCMI initiative. Special attention was given to the combination of trends in broad latitude regions and evaluation of their significance as a function of altitude.

Results from the first phase of LOTUS were peer-reviewed and published as a SPARC/IO3C/GAW Report in February 2019.


Satellite ozone trend profiles