Presentation material (slides, posters) can be downloaded on the website of the respective LOTUS workshops (select Timetable > Detailed view).

Upcoming events

Quadrennial Ozone Assessment 2024 Side meeting (tbc) Boulder, CO, USA 15-19 July 2024


Past events

12th International Limb Workshop Side meeting Brussels, Belgium 22-26 May 2023
11th International Workshop on Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere Side meeting Helsinki, Finland 30 May - 3 Jun 2022
LOTUS Workshop #3 Online workshop WebEx 28-29 May 2020
Dynamical Linear Modeling (DLM) and dlmmc Python package Online tutorial by J. Alsing
Recording - Part I Theory
Recording - Part II dlmmc
WebEx 26 Mar 2020
AGU Fall Meeting 2019
A54H - Stratospheric Composition Change: Its Impact on Climate and Understanding of Uncertainties in Data Records
Session San Francisco, CA, USA 9-13 Dec 2019
LOTUS Workshop #2 Workshop WMO, Geneva, Switzerland 17-19 Sep 2018
EGU General Assembly 2018
Advances in estimating and attributing long-term ozone and temperature trends in the middle atmosphere
Session Vienna, Austria 8-13 Apr 2018
AGU Fall Meeting 2017
Stratospheric Ozone Change, Its Impact on Climate and Understanding of Uncertainties in Data Records
Session New Orleans, LA, USA 11-15 Dec 2017
LOTUS Workshop #1 Workshop UPMC, LATMOS, Paris, France 13-15 Mar 2017
Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2016 Splinter meeting Edinburgh, UK 4-9 Sep 2016


Related events

SPARC 7th General Assembly 2022   Boulder, USA & Reading, UK & Qingdao, China 24-28 Oct 2022
Quadrennial Ozone Symposium 2021   Seoul, South Korea 3-9 Oct 2021
27th IUGG General Assembly   Montréal, Canada 8-18 Jul 2019
10th International Limb Workshop   Greifswald, Germany 4-7 Jun 2019
SPARC General Assembly 2018   Kyoto, Japan 1-5 Oct 2018